The Hope Street Hopefuls

This Saturday and Sunday saw the Portsmouth Creative Movement and associated friends get busy on the derelict land hoarding at Hope Street. The PCM group and Sifer Design gained clearance from Portsmouth Council (who also donated £1000 worth of paint) to paint the whole thing, and believe me, it’s not only freaking huge, but very impressive. Seriously, go check it out.

Anything but your normal ‘street artists’ the PCM are really making a name for themselves in and around city with work going up everywhere. Look out for future events including a collaboration piece with myself and a few members down at Southsea Skatepark.

Photos : Claire Sambrook & My Dog Sighs


  1. Rusty Sheriff

    8 February

    It was a great day, thanks for the coverage Strong Island! We really want more of these projects in the future, so thanks for coming down.


  2. Paul

    8 February

    Do the Zurich building ones!

  3. Tristan

    8 February

    Paint the banks being skated back on to the hoarding at Zurich.

  4. claire sambrook

    8 February

    think that is in the pipeline . . .

  5. mydogsighs

    8 February

    Hey all.T’was a corking day!!!

    Zurich would be awsome but they are private not council property so we’re struggling to get permission and fundin.

    tristan – tell me more about these ‘banks’.

  6. Tristan

    8 February

    Mydog, the banks behind the Zurich hoarding are a classic old skate spot. Pretty tough to ride, but a lot of fun and all local skaters know it.

    Can’t wait to see more PCM work as always.

  7. Los Stencilistas

    8 February

    Cracking 2 days painting. More to come as pieces are developed over the next few weeks. There’s more going on in Pitt Street too. Back there next weekend, (14th/15th). If you’re passing, give us a toot! Keep half an eye on Zurich… and someone should approach PHA maybe…?

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