They know who they are…

Outrageous barbeque burns on Southsea Common. A picture says a thousand words.

Photo : Claire Sambrook


  1. Paul

    30 April

    Wasn’t a big fan of the BBQ zones as I assumed people would be responsible enough to stop the ground getting scorched these days. Guess not.

  2. Martin

    30 April

    I hope the idiots who do this see the damage they do, and stop it.

    Great pictures Claire

  3. Squelch

    30 April

    ‘Southsea Bronx’ – yeah it bloody looks like it when everyone’s had their weekend fun. Sure the BBQs leave a permanent scar on the landscape but there’s also a serious problem of people not taking their rubbish with them. Disgraceful.

  4. Bo

    30 April

    yarp…i witnessed a bunch of kevs burning a tent last weekend…which is nice!

  5. Ben Mills

    30 April

    I don’t understand why the council doesn’t build BBQ ‘pitches’ around the common for the summer months. Sell time slots to people and the money would go towards the upkeep, litter bins and council wardens to keep an eye on things. Not permit, no BBQ. Is that too harsh an opinion?

  6. claire sambrook

    30 April

    I asked the same question and they did attempt it but someone stole the bricks :[

  7. invertedquestionmark

    30 April

    Ahhh, the wonders of mass production culture. The companies who make instant BBQs don’t care, the shops that sell them don’t care, the people who use them don’t care…

  8. Tristan Savage

    30 April

    A team of Council Officials armed with buckets of water. Oh, your BBQs on the grass. Soaking wet burgers for for everyone. You won’t be doing that again…

  9. gareth

    3 May

    a ban on disposable bbqs would be the answer..if you want to take a BBQ down there then it’s got to be a proper, off the floor one, so you would also have to be responsible enough to take some water to put it out. you can get those little bucket ones with legs for example.

    for those who ignore it, i go with tristan’s suggestion….

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