A Blast of Colour in Exmouth Road (Revealed)

A Blast of Colour in Exmouth Road (Revealed)

I live just around the corner from Exmouth Road in Southsea and over the past couple of weeks have noticed most of the houses being transformed. A real ‘wow’ of neon and vivid colours hit you as you leave Albert Road.

Please let us know more about this story. Is this an Albert Road initiative? a council initiative? Would love to see this spread across the city. The classic car’s were a bonus find also.

Edit from Pauls original post:

This is another brain child of James Porter (and friends and a little visual help from myself). One of Southseas most proactive community artists. Other works include the Wallspace sign, which I worked on also, varies paintings above shops and flats along Albert Road, including opposite Head Hairdressing. He always has something new up his sleeve, so watch this space. Tristan.

Exmouth Road given a blast of colour


  1. Anon

    13 September

    Why assume its an initiative. Is the ‘community’ that dead?

  2. claire sambrook

    13 September

    That is what I thought initially that all residents had got together but was informed that some money was put into it. Residents paid half!

  3. Grantly Lynch

    13 September

    Lets hope it catches on throughout Pompey- great shot and a rather good site. Cheers Grant

  4. Voodoo Roy

    13 September

    This balances the gross philistinism of the Exmouth Rd residents who campaigned against the Kings car-park. Nice work.

  5. Paul

    14 September

    Reminds me of beach huts. Saw this yesterday and it really is eyecatching

  6. Ben Mills

    14 September

    All will be revealed soon!!

  7. claire sambrook

    14 September

    yes just found out all about it. Such a great idea from James….

  8. Wozzy

    14 September

    Looks great now, but after the winter it’s going to look mucky and faded…

  9. Mark L

    14 September

    Ask Rick at Head Hairdressing. He will know!

  10. Anon

    15 September

    ha, there’s a big feature of it in the sun today!! Cool idea..

  11. Tristan Savage

    15 September

    It was James Porter and friends. Check my post edit above. I meant to get it up before Bestival.

  12. Jim Barber

    16 September

    @ Wozzy, it won’t look any worse than it did, look on the BRIGHT SIDE my friend.

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