Strong Island Exhibition – The Film

Strong Island Exhibition – The Film

We have some amazing memories of the recent Strong Island Exhibition at The Round Tower, local film and media company and good friends of Strong Island Compulsive Productions have just finished a documentary about the exhibition. The film covers the history of the tower, the exhibition itself and the possible future for the Hot Walls area and was made in partnership with Portsmouth City Council and the University of Portsmouth.

Music in the film is by local bands The B of the Bang and The Strange Death of Liberal England who both kindly offered permission for their music to be used.

The film can be watched below and can also be watched in HD full screen by clicking on the arrows button, recommended.


  1. Tristan

    26 August

    Mate. How good is that. Well done boss. Super stoked. Brought it all back and an excellent promotional video. Top notch.

  2. Rusty Sheriff

    26 August

    Good stuff!

  3. Emily Watts

    26 August

    Really lovely boys. I love how passionate you are about where you live and always involved in stuff to do with the community. Good to have positive things oming out of Portsmouth. well done x

  4. claire sambrook

    26 August

    wonderful – thanks Paul for putting this together. Good memories

  5. Mark Persaud

    26 August

    Absolutely quality. Brought it all back. What a wonderfully exciting time. I hope the Council see this and it prompts them to have a change of heart on this wonderful space. Portsmouth needs this.

    Well done and Big Love.

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