Exhibition – Villains

As well as being a fantastic hub for comics and graphic novels, Room 237 in Elm Grove has also quickly gained notoriety as a brilliant space for local grass roots exhibitions. Strong Island’s own Lou Lapin helped kicked it off with the  group show Heros exhibition and now it seems the bad guys are having none of it. Portsmouth based trio Stu Linfield, Mr. Kemp and Mimic are hitting back with ‘Villains’. Plans for the event are looking dastardly with a wall painted for the event by Mimic, a Villain themed soundtrack, free sketch books and other free stuff on the night as well as items available to buy, Villain Trumps! They’re hoping to get some local creative types to contribute a sketch of their favourite villain on our specially printed Villain Trump cards, food by Fezzywigs, booze and of course the three artist’s interpretations of villainy in it’s many guises!

The opening night is 24th of May 7-10pm and the show will stay open for a further 2 weeks during the shops normal opening hours. I for one will be dry cleaning my best cape in readiness!

Any artists interested in producing something for the Villain top trumps can get in touch via [email protected] These will be displayed on a wall during the events 2 week run.

Facebook event page here



  1. Charlie

    4 May


  2. Mr Kemp

    4 May

    Moo ha ha ha! (evil grin)

  3. Matt

    4 May

    I’ve been waiting for this ever since I heard about it at the Heros exhibition!

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