GASP Exhibition ‘Les Beaux Objets Trouvés...

GASP Exhibition ‘Les Beaux Objets Trouvés’ by Lou Bliss

Tonight is the closing night of the current exhibition at GASP, The Art Space Portsmouth Graduate Residency Award exhibition ‘Les beaux objets trouvés (Things I find beautiful)’ by Lou Bliss. The exhibition is a collection of creations and artist collections preserved and arranged by Lou Bliss which is open until tomorrow but tonight will be the closing event and artist talk, from 6-8pm.

“I have a keen interest in natural history, anatomy and natural forms and this provides my less formal aesthetic language. Works which incorporate themes of mortality and explore the results of decay and/or preservation tend to result from these influences, and often use found, recycled or collected materials to express the ephemeral nature of our existence.

During my residency at Art Space I have further researched the natural processes involved in the life and death of living things, specifically fungi, birds and small mammals. Through the observation and playful preservation of materials present as part of the life cycle of everyday objects I have produced a collection of work exploring the beauty and variety in the often overlooked stuff as it quietly decays all around us. Using techniques such as screen printing and digital media to sculpture and taxidermy, I hope to rouse a curiosity in the weird and wonderful by combining a contemporary art exhibition with a working study environment where engagement and contribution is warmly encouraged.” Lou Bliss.

You can see more of Lou Bliss’ work on her website: loublissart.wordpress.com

GASP Exhibition 'Les Beaux Objets Trouvés' by Lou Bliss (2)

GASP Exhibition 'Les Beaux Objets Trouvés' by Lou Bliss (1)


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