Record Store Day 2015 and the Castle Rd Fete

Record Store Day 2015 and the Castle Rd Fete

Is it really a year since the last Record Store Day? Tomorrow brings every vinyl fanatics’ favourite day of the year with the Pie & Vinyl team putting together their biggest RSD to date. The release list for tomorrow can only be described as exhaustive, featuring far too many artists and special editions to name in this post but you can check out the full inventory available tomorrow here (.xls download). If you spot something that you absolutely need in your life, make sure you get down to the store well in advance of the 8am opening and join the sure-to-be large queue. Tea will be on hand for all attendees alongside many music-orientated conversations so there’s no need to hide behind your iPad while you’re waiting.

For those without an inclination to black circles of musical goodness, Castle Rd will be taken over by a plethora of market stalls selling everything from vintage clothes and gluten free baked goods to pizza and festival tickets. The fete kicks off around 10am with the sellers accompanied by Pie & Vinyl’s obligatory stage featuring sets from the likes of Curl, TRAAMS, Kassassin Street and special guests The Champs. Bands will be taking to, and potentially destroying, the stage from midday all the way through to 8pm so make sure to pace yourselves out there.

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