Stand Up & Rock! Jasper Carrott And The Bev B...

Stand Up & Rock! Jasper Carrott And The Bev Bevan Band At The Kings Theatre

Jasper Carrott’s Stand Up & Rock did exactly what it said on the tin last night at the King’s Theatre in lovely Southsea.

Jasper Carrott

Jasper is back touring, mic in hand along with one of his best mates, Bev Bevan, who was part of the infamous band ELO.

Rockin Berries lead singer, Geoff Turton, Celtic Rock Band, Quill’s lead singer ‘Joy’ and the Bev Bevan band belted out old classics including covers of Dusty Springfield, Fleetwood Mac, Status Quo and Marvin Gaye.

The unique show not only revived some totally wondrous old songs but also got some fantastic musicians back on stage performing.


Jasper performed in Portsmouth as a young comedian and admits it is still one of his favourite spots to visit, also admitting that it sparks some incredible memories of the very stage he performed on last night and urges the community to keep the theatre alive and looked after by supporting it with bums on seats and small donations.

Jasper Carrott

It is great for one of our local historic venues to be so highly spoken of and visited by such brilliant entertainers.

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