Ladies Of Letters – An Alphabet Of Reconstru...

Ladies Of Letters – An Alphabet Of Reconstructed Pin Up Girls

I first became aware of Create by Law during our Strong Island Exhibition in the Round Tower back in 2011. This Friday Law will be opening her solo exhibition ‘Ladies of Letters’ at King’s Ship Tattoos on Marmion Road.

Law describes her collages are often inspired initially by text, which is then followed by a ‘visual treasure hunt’, to source and find appropriate ‘original’ imagery and papers that can visualise the concept that she has sketched or imaged. “I mainly use paper ephemera and found material from the 50’s and 60’s as these seem to work with the chalkier colour palette I favour but also the visual language that the imagery of this era inspires.”

Law has created a sequence of traditional cut and paste collages, using vintage paper ephemera and original 50’s images of Pin Up girls. The Pin Up imagery has been re-constructed and given new narratives, with each image having a level of euphemism and humour attached to give each piece an individual story. Pieces include DJ Darling, Hotwire Hottie, Telephone Temptress and Wild Whiplash so you get the idea of the ‘Carry On’ esqe wit and sauciness that you can expect to find.

The event itself opens from 7pm but for more information check out the Facebook Event page HERE.

You can find out more from Create by Law on her website www.createbylaw.co.uk and Facebook.

Created By Law
Night Nurse
Created By Law
Hotwire Hottie
Created By Law
DJ Darling
Ladies of Letters


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