The Photographic Angle ‘No Briton Is An Isla...

The Photographic Angle ‘No Briton Is An Island’ Exhibition at Lakeside

The Photographic Angle holds free exhibitions that travel across the UK transforming otherwise empty spaces into temporary galleries. The exhibitions showcase contemporary work submitted by students, graduates and enthusiasts of the art of photography, giving the public the chance to explore this medium which can be art, an occupation, or simply a pastime.

For each exhibition, an expert in the art of photography is invited to select a new theme inspired by their own research, for which photographers can submit work to tour around TPA galleries throughout the UK. The Photographic Angle will be exhibiting their ‘No Briton Is An Island’ group photography exhibition at 2000 & 3000, Lakeside Business Park from 7th to the 11th September (10am – 3pm):

“Wherever one is in the world, peoples’ stories unfold around even the least well-known, most un-spectacular places; the bench on a seaside pier, the old red telephone box on the way to town, the local convenience store round the corner, the hill at the end of the road. These places, full of memories for the people that pass through, immeasurably define what a place means to us, they make up the complex fabric of a country. This is an exhibition of photographic works that uncovers some of these ‘stories’, and through this, they become part of our shared experience of Britain and the many walks of life to be found here.”

The participating artists in this exhibition are:

Jacopo Maino, Claire Atkinson, Patrick Sim, Mariam El Mofty, Charlotte Hopkins, Jennifer Ball, Sean Williams, Daniel Porter, Puneeta Sharma, David Meredith, Paul Chapman, Ian Graffy, Rob Davies, Johnny Watton, Sarah Gallear, Ting-Ting Cheng, Jamila Walker, Michael Murphy, Roger Newark.

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The Photographic Angle


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