Feed Hot Dog Co partnership with Plump’d

Feed Hot Dog Co partnership with Plump’d

Local street food business Feed Hot Dog Co has gifted 1,224 packets of life-saving food to programs treating malnutrition in Aleppo, Syria.

The more-than-profit business was started back in May of this year by Portsmouth local Pete Hunt. A more than profit organisation is one that sells or distributes a product or service for a profit while simultaneously helping to fund social change. Serving from a portable hot dog cart, for every gourmet hot dog they sell, a packet of emergency food is gifted to a program treating child malnutrition.

The food packages have a shelf life of eighteen months and requires no preparation to use, making it extremely practical. To make the deliveries possible, Feed has partnered up with humanitarian aid charity, Plump’d.

“The concept behind FHDC is simple. We use our love of street food to help children in need. One in four of the world’s children are malnourished. This leads to severe health complications in later life and sometimes even worse. We want to change this. Our mission is to help end global hunger with the thing we love.” Pete Hunt

Using locally baked brioche rolls, premium free-range smoked sausages and unique toppings inspired by their travels, Feed Hot Dog Co serve up hot dogs that not only taste great but make a difference.

You can find out more about Feed Hot Dog Co on their website feedhotdog.co.uk or on their Facebook, Twitter @FeedHotDogCo and Instagram.

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