My Dog Sighs and Snub23 in China

He who needs no introduction has recently returned from Shenzhen in China after taking part in the ‘Firewalls China’ project. The event saw eleven European artists painting large scale murals and working with the local community on various cultural projects. My Dog Sighs has teamed up with Snub23 for a ginormous 30m tall mural along with some smaller pieces in an underground car park when rain put a halt to the main attraction. 

He described it as “An incredible and daunting experience working off a precarious (and huge) scaffold, which bought a whole range of technical challenges. I’m happy to say that both Snub and I were grinning like loons as we watched the scaffold come down to reveal the piece to everyone for the first time.”

To celebrate his previous collaboration with Snub23 outside Sea Dog Print Studio on Goldsmith Avenue. They have released a five layer screen printed tee which is available on his website www.mydogsighs.co.uk. Please note that this is a limited run and when they are gone, they are gone!

Also in exciting news, to coincide with warmer weather and an imminent arrival of summer of BBQs, camping and festivals My Dog has also announced a limited edition Everyman Enamel mugs. I’m always raving about how much of a nice guy he is and he’s only throwing in an easter egg with every purchase too. For more information check out the shop on his website which can be found just above.

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