Death Marks 死 Collection, Fresh For Summer

Death Marks 死 Collection, Fresh For Summer

Death Marks are a Southsea based independent clothing line and graphic store, stocking a range of clothing and accessories inspired by the tattoo industry and the alternative music scene.

Built on a passion for graphic design, each product in their line features designs that have been hand drawn and digitalised in-house. Death Mark’s latest collection, “死 “(pronounced Sǐ, meaning ‘Dead’ in simplified Chinese) was released as an introduction to the summer range to follow and includes two long sleeves emblazoned with their most recent designs.

Sian, the brand’s Director says, “Since the beginning of Death Marks we have always incorporated Chinese text in our designs, as well as looked at the juxtaposition by incorporating opposing elements within our product.”

The recent drop from the independent brand is the subject of their latest shoot. The 死 collection has been shot by talented local photographer Oli Duncanson, who specialises in live music photography and tour videos.

You can find Death Marks at the Deference EP Release Show at The Joiners Southampton on April 14th, where they will be selling a range of their clothing and accessories. To take a look at the complete range of Death Marks apparel check out their website which you can find below.

Website: www.deathmarks.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/deathmarksapparel
Twitter: www.twitter.com/deathmarksuk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/deathmarksuk
Tumblr: www.deathmarksuk.tumblr.com

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