The 7th Strong Island Home Brew Competition Result...

The 7th Strong Island Home Brew Competition Results Night

Back in March we held our 7th annual Strong Island Home Brew Competition at the Meat & Barrel on Palmerston Road. We were overwhelmed with the amount of entries which was double that of previous years.

“The Strong Island Homebrew competition once again showed that brewing beers at home does not result in sub par beers. The quality of beer is right up there with the best pros but the range of creativity surpasses most beer festivals.” GetBrewing.uk

The winner of the light beer category, Strong Island Totally Tropical, by Joanna Hamment is now hitting the taps across the Bank Holiday weekend. The full launch will take place back at the Meat & Barrel this Sunday from 8pm. The overall results were…

Light beers
1st ‘Totally Tropical’ by Joanna Hamment
2nd ‘Yippie Ki Ale’ by Patrick Peers
3rd ‘El Dorado’ by Colin Taylor

Dark beers
1st ‘What A Stout’ by Patrick Peers
2nd ‘Hazelnut Latte’ by Oliver Alsford
3rd ‘Here is a smoke’ by Piotr

1st ‘Donker Van Pompey’ by Mark Bryant
2nd ‘Have You Been To Grodenk?’ by Piotr
3rd ‘Kettle Sour’ by Dave Eaves


  1. […] The main room was packed festival goers, live music and cask ales. From local boys Southsea Brewing Co. I tried their latest edition to their lineup, a Golden Ale called Hot Walls (4.1%). I wasn’t particularly a fan of this and found it had a bit too much going on.  One of the great things about a festival is having the opportunity to try something different. Irving & Co., another brewery local to Portsmouth were present as usual and I thoroughly enjoyed their Totally Tropical (5.7%). This was a great juciy pale ale which deservedly won the Strong Island Home Brew Competition 2017. […]

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