Review: Portsmouth Psych Fest 2017

Portsmouth and its surrounding area seemed to have a healthy ‘psych’ scene and Portsmouth Psych Fest was a clear indication the area does indeed have a colossal appetite for all things psychedelia with a hefty turnout for the first ever Portsmouth Psych Fest.

Portsmouth Psych Fest is the brainchild of Nicki Allen who wanted to bring a festival of weird and wonderful acts to the city to help the area and already in its first year probably boasted the strongest festival line-up locally from top to bottom.

With such an immense line-up featuring the likes of Bo Ningen, Vinyl Staircase, Ulrika Spacek, Thee MVPS, Drug Store Romeos, Lice and more, it was really hard to pinpoint a standout act amongst the day as everyone slayed. Local outfits, Melt Dunes who played to a packed out Wedgewood Rooms and You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn into Demons may well have stood out amongst the gems on the day though destroying their home turf with their heavy-space-kraut psych sounds sucking us all into their dark-netherworld. It’s certainly saying something though as every single act on the day were phenomenal.

Bo Gritz

Strange Cages

Vinyl Staircase

Regarding the location, whilst The Wedgewood Rooms may not be the first place in mind when thinking of hosting a ‘psychedelic’ event, the visuals from Innerstrings turned The Wedge into a cosmic-psych-pit, transporting the large crowd in the Wedge into a different realm whilst the Edge of the Wedge was coated in curtain foil, balloons, bubble machines and disco balls. It was truly magical and added to the festival a touch not seen elsewhere locally.

Hopefully Portsmouth Psych Fest goes from strength to strength and whilst Victorious caters to families, Icebreaker for local bands who may not get an opportunity to play a festival elsewhere, Mutiny for electronic music and also the likes of Southsea Fest/Dials focusing on new music, PPF really has a niche of its own. Same time next year?

Three MVPs

You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn into Demons

Melt Dunes

Ulrika Spacek

Bo Ningen

Saint Agnes


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