Fifth Edition, Unifest 2017

The School of Media and Performing Arts at the University of Portsmouth today will be kicking off ‘Fifth Edition, Unifest 2017’, a seven day student cultural festival taking place from 23rd May to the 1st June. The festivities include various live performances including Fitzgeralds of St Paul at 12pm today. See below for the full listing:

Tuesday 23rd May
– The Fitzgeralds of St Paul. Directed by Emma Gooch, White Swan Building (WSB), Studio 2&3 at 12pm.
– ‘Identity Road’, featuring Sophie Morgan, Bethany Kennedy & Chloe Jarvis. WSB, Ladies 3rd Floor Toilets. 3 performances between 1:30pm-2:30pm.

Wednesday 24th May
– ‘Surrounded’, co-written by Jordan Hitch. WSB. Studio 1. at 12pm.
– ‘We Only Cost a Tenor’ – Barbershop. Arranged by Barnaby Lawrence. WSB. Studio 4&5 at 2pm.
– Level 5 & 6 Film Studies Screening. WSB. Studio 1. 6pm.

Thursday 25th May
– Script Workshop – By PHD Student Vincent. WSB. Studio 2&3. 11am-1pm.
– ‘The Death of the Dog’, by Kieran White. WSB. Studio 6. 2pm.

Friday 26th May
– ‘What If’ by Bronya Creary. WSB. Studio 4&5. 12pm.
– ‘When Everyone Talks at Once’, directed and Written by John Faulkner WSB. Studio 1. 3pm.

Tuesday 30th May
– ‘The Changeable’ – Puppetry Performance. By Oliver Saward. WSB. Studio 1. 3pm.

Wednesday 31st May
– ‘Dylan’ – Immersive Performance. By Uncommon Sense Theatre. WSB. Studio 2&3. Four performances between 12pm-3pm.
– Showcase- Tap Dance Society. WSB. Studio 1. 4PM

Thursday 1st June
– ‘The Reunion’, created by first year Musical Theatre Students WSB. Studios 4&5. 2pm.

You can find all the details on the festival’s social media: , Twitter (@SMPAunifest) and Instagram (@SMPAunifest_) and withthe hashtag #UNIFEST2017.

Fifth Edition, Unifest 2017


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