Strong Island Sounds Podcast. Coming Soon!

Strong Island Sounds Podcast. Coming Soon!

It has been just over a year since we last released an episode of the Strong Island Sounds podcast. Sorry about that! We are just about ready to re-launch the pod and hope to release a new episode every few weeks. The new Strong Island podcast will generally follow the same format as before but with a few differences. We have already arranged a few special takeover episodes with the likes of Strong Island Recordings, Me and the Moon and the Staggeringly Good crew. We will also be using it as a platform to discuss topics, projects, themes and events that we are passionate about. There are also plans to throw in the odd interview too.

You can still find our previous podcasts which were recorded in collaboration with Charlie from Longlive Radio on iTunes, PodOmatic or from the podcast provider of your choice. You’ll find a special feature on David Bowie with some of his classics, as well as some of his lesser-known treasures. I also thoroughly recommend you delve into the vault and dig out the episode with Charlie and Spence from Petting Zoo Prints. The pair discuss Spence’s previous collaborations with bands and artists including Kurt Vile, Alabama Shakes and Fujiya & Miyagi as well as playing tracks from them along the way.

For more information on the previous episodes of the Strong Island Sounds podcast click here. Go on and give us a subscribe and please feel free to interact with us on social media by including the hashtag #StrongIslandSounds.

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