‘F.empowerment’ Female Empowerment Thr...

‘F.empowerment’ Female Empowerment Through Art Exhibition at Coastguard Studio

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 a collective of artists bring to you F.empowerment, a women’s art exhibition promoting female empowerment through art and live music. F.empowerment will bring together local female artists from Portsmouth and surrounding areas, to showcase their artwork in an exclusive exhibition celebrating empowerment of women and the female form. Expect to see a range of contemporary artwork including illustration, photography, fine art, craft and film, recognising issues such as domestic abuse experienced by women, and sexism in society and the industry.

The importance of females in creative industries is undervalued and something that needs be recognised and promoted in the local community in order to work towards achieving gender equality.” – F.empowerment

The exhibition at Coastguard Studio in Southsea opens 5pm to 10pm on the 8th of March and the exhibition and evening performances are all FREE ENTRY. F.empowerment stands to serve Breast Cancer UK, therefore a small suggested donation of £3 will be welcomed.

The Artists

Artists taking part include Ruth Alderton, Ellis Chen, Sasha Damjanovic, Taylor Ellis, Molly Rebecca Jones, Jessica Kosca, Megan Martin-Foy, Izzi Roberts, Holly Seymour, Megan Seymour & Candy Smith. Artwork/design is by Liam Hardie and Ellis Chen.

Breast Cancer Support

Breast Cancer UK aims to help women in the UK to live in a safer world, free from the fear, suffer, anxiety and trauma of diagnosis, treatment and illness which results from this awful disease. Through advancing the education of the public about the causes, impacts and ultimately the prevention of breast cancer, and commissioning research into the prevention of breast cancer, together we can bring about the changes that are needed to stop this disease before it starts.

Poster for F.empowerment Exhibition


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