Howard Hurd Presents ‘Lost’ with My Do...

Howard Hurd Presents ‘Lost’ with My Dog Sighs

Howard Hurd has recently joined forces with longtime collaborator My Dog Sighs to produce ‘Lost.’ In 2016 the pair got together as My Dog was preparing for an exhibition in New York. This film documents the creation of a series of Everyman paintings which were inspired by ‘Birds’ a song written and performed by Chichester’s Les Black.

My Dog describes “My part was easy. Just a couple of days filming. I did what I normally do and splashed some paint around. I wanted to give Howard as much freedom as possible. The magic happened at the editing stage with Howard. When he showed me the rough cut, his idea made complete sense and he’d been able to edit my artwork to Les’ lyrics and build the narrative of the film. Very clever!”

Howard explained to me that ever since their first film he had been bouncing around the idea of making another film. He said “We wanted to show how MyDogSighs brings the Everyman to life – transforming the faded, fragile pages of discarded books into vibrant but often poignant pieces of street art that can be found dotted around our city.

“As song lyrics are often so crucial to Everyman artworks, we knew that finding a suitable piece of music was going to be vital to the success of the final film. Fortunately for us, Les Black – one of MyDogSighs’ longest standing friends – is a talented musician, and he recorded a version of his wonderful track ‘Birds’ especially for us to use in the video.”


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